Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Year of doom, 1975: the story of Jehovah's Witnesses Stevenson, W.C.
Pratique préparatoire à la retraite dans le noir
Practice to prepare for the dark retreat
?? 180.9811 DZO / PRA
Advanced course in yoga philosophy and oriental occultism Ramacharaka, Yogi, 1862-1932.

by Yogi Ramacharaka.
London: Fowler 126.66 ADV / RAM
The question of Rāṣṭrapāla Ensink, Jacob

translated and annotated by Jacob Ensink.
Zwolle : J.J. Tijl 183.5 RAS / ENS
Special meditation issue Middle Way, Journal of the Buddhist Society

Middle Way.
London: Buddhist Society 181.9 MID
The mysteries of the spiritual ascent Gall, Edward

by Edward Gall.
London: Theosophical Publishing House (London) 169.3 GAL / MYS
The Buddha-word Sarada, Weragoda

by Weragoda Sarada.
Singapore: Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre 181.022 SAR
Theosophical objects, program and organisation: articles by H.P. Blavatsky (A year of Theosophy (1888) & A puzzle from Adyar) Blavatsky, H.P. (Helena Petrovna), 1831-1891.

H.P. Blavatsky.
Los Angeles: Theosophy Company Selected articles from Theosophist. 169.3 BLA / THE
Morning and evening gongyo (medium speed); rhythm and pronunciation (slow speed) SGI-UK

Taplow: SGI-UK 188.961 GON / SGI
The twilight language : explorations in Buddhist meditation and symbolism Bucknell, Roderick S. ; Stuart-Fox, Martin, 1939-

by Roderick S. Bucknell and Martin Stuart-Fox.
London : Curzon Press 181.9 TWI