There are four limitless thoughts. What are the four?

  • Love,
  • Compassion,
  • Sympathetic joy,
  • And equanimity.
The Buddha


Title Author Publisher Yearsort descending Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Byangter teaching and practice, according to the tradition of Khordong Monastery : the daily practice for Dorje Sempa Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, 1922-2002.

edited by Khordong Therchen Tulku, Chhimed Rigdzin Lama ; translated into English by C.R. Lama and James Low.
private 180.98490 CHH
There are no dead (abridged) Besant, Annie Wood, 1847-1933.

by Annie Besant.
London: Theosophical Society Abridgement of Life after death. 169.3 BES / THE
Bhikkhu Tissa dispels some doubts Price, Leonard

Leonard Price.
Bangalore: Buddha Vacana Trust Reprint. First published: Kandy: Buddhsit Publication Society. Bodhi leaves series; B 102. 181.9 PRI
Theosophy and Christianity Theosophical Society in England

Theosophy Society in England.
London: Theosophical Society 169.3 THE / CHR
The Buddhist legend of Jimutavahana, from the Katha-sarit-sagara (the ocean-river of story) dramatized in the Nagananda (the joy of the world of serpents): a Buddhist drama by Sri Harsha Deva Somadeva Bhatta, 11th cent.

translated from the Sanskrit bu the Reverend B. Hale Wortham.
London / New York: Routledge / E. P. Dutton 929.88 KAT / WOR
Theosophy: the divine wisdom Sri Ram, N. (Nilakanta), 1889-1989.

by N. Sri Ram.
Adyar: Theosophical Society 169.3 RAM / THE
Thailand: Buddhist land Punyasingh, Temsiri

edited by Temsiri Punyasingh.
Bangkok: National Identity Board Special issue of Thai Life, v.2 (1). 182.237 PUN
Buddhist symbols
private 186.7 BUD
A critical Pali-English dictionary. Vol. I, part 1 Trenckner, Vilhelm, 1824-1891., Andersen, Dines

begun by V. Trenckner; revised, continued and edited by Dines Andersen and Helmer Smith.
Copenhagen: Royal Danish Academy 829.893 TRE
Tibetan art Jisl, Lumir

by Lumir Jisl; photographs by Valdimir Sis & Jan Vanis; translated by Ilse Gottheiner.
London: Spring Books 702.098229 JIS