Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
The way of becoming: a psychological study of the Noble Eightfold Path Cameron, Clare

by Clare Cameron.
London: Buddhist Lodge 181.022 CAM
Dhammapada Russian
Osnabrück: Biblio Verlag
The call to seriousness : the Evangelical impact on the Victorians Bradley, Ian C.
London : Jonathan Cape BRA
Long discourses of the Buddha (Digha Nikaya I-XVI) Bennett, A.A.G.

translated from the Pali with an introduction by A.A.G. Bennett.
Bombay: Chetana Ltd. 183.0121 DIG / BEN
Glimpses of a hidden science in the original Christian teachings Jain, Champat Rai.

by C.R. Jain.
Madras: Current Thought Press 193 JAI
Giving up : Part 1 : maharahathun wedimaga osse = On the trail of the Arahath : the English translation of the series of articles on "Maharahathun wedimaga osse" to "the Sunday divaina" Subasinghe, Indrajith

Indrajith Subasinghe ; translated by Sunil Wettimuny.
Wattala : Sudath Chandrasekara 181.7 SUB
The human revolution. Vol. 11 Ikeda, Daisaku

by Daisaku Ikeda.
Taplow: SGI-UK Translation of: Ningen kakumei. Tokyo, 1965. 188.982 IKE / HR
The Buddhist way Dhammananda, K. Sri

Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda.
Kuala Lumpur: Buddhist Missionary Society 186 DHA
Thoughts on the problem of brain death: from the viewpoint of the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin Ikeda, Daisaku

Daisaku Ikeda, President, Soka Gakkai International.
Hachioji: IOP 181.6 IKE
Theosophy and Christianity Codd, Clara M.

by C.M. Codd.
London: Theosophical Society 169.3 COD / THE