There are four limitless thoughts. What are the four?

  • Love,
  • Compassion,
  • Sympathetic joy,
  • And equanimity.
The Buddha


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by H.P. Blavatsky.
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translated from the French version of Jacques Bacot (with an introduction, notes, and index) by H.I. Woolf. llustrated from native designs by V. Goloubew.
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The black roots and white racism of early Pentecostalism in the USA MacRobert, Iain
Gentling the bull: the ten bull pictures: a spiritual journey Myokyo-ni (Irmgard Schloegl)

comments from talks by Myokyo-ni (Irmgard Schloegl).
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by Durga N. Bhagvat.
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Liberal Jewish prayer book. Vol. 1: services for weekdays, Sabbaths, etc. rev. ed.
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Reason for renunciation Buddhist Missionary Society

Buddhist Missionary Society.
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A classical dictionary; containing a copious account of the principal proper names mentioned in ancient authors; with the value of coins, weights, and measures used among the Greeks and Romans; and a chronological table Lempriere, John, 1765?-1824.

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Les Conflits du dialogues Seguy, Jean