Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
The essence of Christianity Feuerbach, Ludwig

by Ludwig Feuerbach; translated from the German by George Eliot; introductory essay by Karl Barth; foreword by H. Richard Niebuhr.
New York: Harper & Row English translation first published: 1854. This ed. first published: 1957. 134.5 FEU
Beyond the intellect Gabb, W.J. (William John)

by W.J. Gabb.
London: Buddhist Society 188.8 GAB
Tantra in Tibet
Selected Buddhist texts from the Pali Canon. Vol. II Buddhist Publication Society

translations from the Pali in The Wheel series, with notes.
Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society Reprinted from: The Wheel; 61/62, 67/69, 79, 82. 87, 98/99, 101, 105, 106, 107/109. 183.01 BPS
Mind reactive and creative Sangharakshita, Bhikshu, 1925-2018.

Ven. Sangharakshita.
London: The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order 'Based on a lecture originally given on 19th March 1967 under the auspices of the Reading University Buddhist Society.' First published in Middle Way, August 1971. 189.11 SAN
Anointed to serve: the story of the Assemblies of God Menzies, William W.
Theosophy or Neo-Theosophy Thomas, Margaret

compiled by Margaret Thomas.
private 169.3 THO / THE
Basic knowledge for healing Buddhapadipa Temple

Buddhapadipa Temple.
London: Buddhadipa Temple 181.022 BUD / BAS
Tantrakhyana: a collection of Indian tales Bendall, Cecil, 1856-1906.

described, and in part edited and translated, by Cecil Bendall.
London: Royal Asiatic Society Offprint, Journal of the Royal Asiatic of Great Britain and Ireland, v.XX (94) 1888, pp.465-501. 929.88 TAN / BEN
The African churches of Tanzania Ranger, T.O.

by T.O. Ranger.
Nairobi : East African Publishing House 192.4 RAN