There are four limitless thoughts. What are the four?

  • Love,
  • Compassion,
  • Sympathetic joy,
  • And equanimity.
The Buddha


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Zen meditation plain and simple Low, Albert

by Albert Low.
Boston etc. : Tuttle 2000 Reprint. First published : 1989. 188.84 LOW
Zen mind, beginner's mind Suzuki, Shunryū, 1904-1971.

by Shunryu Suzuki ; edited by Trudy Dixon.
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Zen pebbles, Zen pearls: five introductory minibooks on Zen practice Loori, John Daido

John Daido Loori.
Mt. Tremper, N.Y.: Dharma Communications Press 2000 Set contains 5 volumes: The still point; Invoking reality; Celebrating everyday life; Teachings of the insentient: Zen and the environment; Path of enlightenment: stages in a spiritual journey. 188.81 LOO
Zen philosophy, Zen practice Thien-An, Thich

Thich Thien-An.
Emeryville: Dharma Publishing 1975 188.81 THI
Zen pioneer: the life and works of Ruth Fuller Sasaki Stirling, Isabel

by Isabel Sterling.
Emeryville: Shoemaker & Hoard 2006 188.8253 SAS / STI
Zen pivots: lectures on Buddhism and Zen Sokei-an

by Sokei-an; edited by Mary Farkas & Robert Lopez.
Nw York & Tokyo: Weatherhill 1998 188.84 SOK
Zen ritual: studies of Zen Buddhist theory in practice Heine, Steven, 1950- & Wright, Dale S.

edited by Steven Heine and Dale S. Wright.
Oxford etc.: Oxford University Press 2008 188.86 ZEN
Zen sanctuary of purple robes: Japan's Tokeiji convent since 1285 Morrell, Sachiko Kaneko, 1930- & Morrell, Robert E.

Sachiko Kaneko Morrell, Robert E. Morrell.
Albany: State University of New York Press 2006 185.91 TOK / MOR
Zen seeds : reflections of a female priest Aoyama, Shuntō, 1933-

by Shundo Aoyama; translated from the Japanese by Patricia Daien Bennage.
Tokyo : Kosei Publishing Co. 1990 Translation of : Utsukushiki hito ni. Tokyo : Kosei, 1983. 188.821 AOY
Zen skin, Zen marrow: will the real Zen Buddhism please stand up? Heine, Steven, 1950-

Steven Heine.
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