There are four limitless thoughts. What are the four?

  • Love,
  • Compassion,
  • Sympathetic joy,
  • And equanimity.
The Buddha


Title Author Publishersort descending Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Kyogam yŏkchu yŏktae kosŭng pimun. Chosŏn pʻyŏn = 校勘譯註: 歷代高僧碑文. 高麗篇 . 4
Stele inscriptions of eminent monks through Korean history
Yi, Chi-gwan, 1932- . 李智冠, 1932- .

Yi chi-gwan.
2000 BQ 660 LI
Debates and case histories in the Pāli canon Manné, Joy

Berenice Joy Manné.
1992 PhD thesis, Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht, January 1992. BQ 4120 MAN
Major historic decisions taken by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for the upliftment od Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in last one year Mayawati, Km.

Km. Mayawati.
2007 Reprint. First published : 1936. DS 422 MAY
Karl Marx: selected writings in sociology and social philosophy Bottomore, T.B. & Rubel, Maximilien
The neurotic personality of our time Horney, Karen
Die Angewandte Aufklarung Dahrendorf, Ralf
Household organisation and marriage in Ladakh, Indian Himalaya Phylactou, Maria

Maria Phylactou.
1989 Submitted as Ph.D thesis, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, 1989. DS 485 .L2 PHY
Exemplars Needham, Rodney
The occult establishment Webb, James
The enlightenment: an interpretation Gay, Peter