There are four limitless thoughts. What are the four?

  • Love,
  • Compassion,
  • Sympathetic joy,
  • And equanimity.
The Buddha


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Disciples of the Buddha Ishigami, Zenʼō, 1929-

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Nagarjuna from Tibetan and Chinese
Tibetan art in Tibetan language
Tantra in Tibet
A guide to the Bodhisattva way of life = the Bodhicaryavatara Santideva, 7th cent.

Santideva; translated from the Sanskrit and Tibetan by Vesna A. Wallace and B. Alan Wallace.
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Disputed dharmas: early Buddhist theories on existence: an annotated translation of the section on 'factors dissociated from thought' from Sanghabhadra's Nyayanusara Sanghabhadra

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Buddhism for today - and tomorrow Sangharakshita, Bhikshu, 1925-2018.

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