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New Religious MovementsThe IOP in Japan publishes an English language journal called the Journal of Oriental Studies.

Here is an index to past issues and information about the IOP Lotus Sutra project

Also there are a number of publications published in Japanese by our Japanese Branch and you can see those here:

The Changing Functions of ReligionIn the UK we published Wilson and Cresswell (eds) 'New Religious Movements Challenge and Response'

Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series


In an effort to preserve ancient texts and make them more widely available for study, the IOP has, with support from Soka Gakkai, been involved in the publication of a Buddhist manuscript series in Sanskrit, which includes facsimile editions and romanised texts of the Lotus Sutra manuscripts in other languages. In this way, students and researchers have access to the near equivalent of the original texts.

  • Several PublicationsSanskrit Lotus Sutra Fragments from the Lushun Museum Collection, Facsimile Edition and Romanized Text (May 1997).
  • Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from the National Archives of Nepal, No. 4-21, Facsimile Edition (November 1998).
  • Fragments of Manuscripts of the Saddharmapundarikasutra from Khadaliq (May 2000).
  • Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscript from the National Archives of Nepal (No. 4 -21), Romanized Text 1 (May 2001).
  • Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscripts from Cambridge University Library (Add. 1682 and Add. 1683), Facsimile Edition (March 2002).