Welcome to our Inter-Connections page.  Here you will find links to content,  people, and websites that we recommend and find interesting.  Please note that we take no responsibility for the content and any views expressed when directed away from this website.

Rootbridge Climate change initiatives

Rootbridge is an interesting social start-up that might be of interest. Also, look around the whole of the Good Market site to see other initiatives.

Ted Talk by Tom Rivett Carnac

Tom Rivett Carnac is co-author of 'The Future We Choose' and hosts Global Optimism's inspiring podcast Outrage and Optimism. Listen to his hope-inspiring Tom Rivett-Carnac: How to shift your mindset and ... - TED

Dasgupta Review

A recent report on the Economics of Biodiversity - Dasgupta Review

A Plastic Planet

One of the speakers at our Economics, Sustainability & the Power of Simple event was Sian Sutherland from A Plastic Planet.  You can find their inspiring work here - A Plastic Planet

The Mapting App

The Earth Charter and Soka Gakkai International have teamed up to develop the Mapting App to support the SDGs