Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Bhikkhu Tissa dispels some doubts Price, Leonard

Leonard Price.
Bangalore: Buddha Vacana Trust Reprint. First published: Kandy: Buddhsit Publication Society. Bodhi leaves series; B 102. 181.9 PRI
Theosophy and Christianity Theosophical Society in England

Theosophy Society in England.
London: Theosophical Society 169.3 THE / CHR
Buddhist scriptures Conze, Edward, 1904-1979.

selected and translated by Edward Conze.
Harmondsworth: Penguin Reprint. First published: 1959. 183 CON
The Buddhist legend of Jimutavahana, from the Katha-sarit-sagara (the ocean-river of story) dramatized in the Nagananda (the joy of the world of serpents): a Buddhist drama by Sri Harsha Deva Somadeva Bhatta, 11th cent.

translated from the Sanskrit bu the Reverend B. Hale Wortham.
London / New York: Routledge / E. P. Dutton 929.88 KAT / WOR
Theosophy: the divine wisdom Sri Ram, N. (Nilakanta), 1889-1989.

by N. Sri Ram.
Adyar: Theosophical Society 169.3 RAM / THE
Scientific evidence that the dead still live (abridged) Rogers, L.W. (Louis William), 1859-1953.

by L.W. Rogers.
London: Theosophical Publishing House Ltd. "Reprinted by kind permission from Krotona series." 169.3 ROG / SCI
Buddhist symbols
private 186.7 BUD
Smashing the evil and revealing the proper: spoken on behalf of living beings. A critique of The hundred thousand songs of Milarepa Mi-la-ras-pa, 1040-1123.
unknown 180.984288 MIL / SMA
Morning and evening gongyo (medium speed); rhythm and pronunciation (slow speed) SGI-UK

Taplow: SGI-UK 188.961 GON / SGI
Raphael's astronomical epheremis of the planets' places for ... (12 issues: 1916-1948) Raphael, 1795-1832.

London: W. Foulsham Attributed to Robert C. Smith. 148.8 RAP