We have a wonderful library with holdings of over 25,000 items, in subjects ranging from Buddhist thought, Buddhist art, Buddhist practices and Buddhist schools and sects across the world through to the sociology, anthropology and history of religions from both Asia and the West.

This collection backs up the work which CfAB carries out and as our name suggests, we aim to hold as many publications as possible on the positive role Buddhist wisdom can play in our modern world. This specialisation is underpinned by extensive primary sources such as the Pali canon, the Taisho Shinshu Daishokyo (Mahayana canon in Chinese) and many texts from the Tibetan canon (Kanjur and Tanjur), as well as extensive secondary works.

We add to stock regularly and are happy to take in donations in relevant subjects.

We also run a lending library (with a small annual subscription) and are happy to lend to anyone in the UK.

Other databases include articles/papers relating to Buddhism and cuttings from UK newspapers - again on Buddhism. This database offers a chance to look at the embedding of Buddhism into British culture and has been compiled since 1990.

Currently we are upgrading our software to provide a comprehensive and accessible management and search system that will be available to all, over the internet.

Please send any queries to:

CfAB Library Co-ordinator, Nigel Harte: tel: 01628591217