Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
A dictionary of Pāli. Part III : p--bh Cone, Margaret

by Margaret Cone.
Bristol : Pali Text Society 2020 829.893 PTS / CON
Mindfulness : where it comes from and what it means Shaw, Sarah

Sarah Shaw.
Boulder : Shambhala 2020 181.9 MIN / SHA
The Irish Buddhist : the forgotten monk who faced down the British empire Turner, Alicia ; Cox, Laurence ; Bocking, Brian

Alicia Turner, Luarence Cox, Brian Bocking.
New York : Oxford University Press 2020 182.9 DHA / IRI
The administration of Buddhism in China : a study and translation of Zanning and the topical compendium of the Buddhist clergy (Da Song seng shi lüe) Welter, Albert, 1952-

Albert Welter.
Amherst : Cambria Press 2018 185.722 ZAN / WEL
Toward our shared future : constructing an era of human solidarity Ikeda, Daisaku

Daisaku Ikeda.
Tokyo : Soka Gakkai 2020 Peace proposal presented on SGI day, 26th January 2020. 319.8 IKE / TOW
Maoism and grassroots religion Wang, Xiaoxuan

Xiaoxuan Wang.
Oxford : Oxford University Press 2020 162.22 WAN
'My earth story ... there is a fire in my belly' Donnelly, Claire

Claire Donnelly.
ms 2018 "Environmental art therapy essay." 468 DON
A cultural history of Japanese Buddhism Deal, William E. ; Ruppert, Brain Douglas, 1962-

William E. Deal and Brian Ruppert.
Chichester : Wiley Blackwell 2015 182.1 CUL
Immanuel Kant and Daisaku Ikeda Rajpal, Sanya

Sanya Rajpal.
ms 2018 "Dissertation submitted for degree in law, 2018." 188.981 RAJ
Nipponzan Myohoji : Fujii Guruji and Wardha Peace Pagoda Sarvodaya Special Issue 1993.

editors, Sarvodaya.
Tokyo : Japan-Bharat Sarvodaya Mitrata Sangha 1993 188.92 NIP / SAR