The CfAB Sustainability Pledge

We are facing a climate emergency and we all have a powerful responsibility to take personal and collective action to keep the world below 1.5 degrees of warming. There is an urgent imperative for us to transform ourselves and our society, and to work together to bring about a just and sustainable society where wellbeing is not sacrificed for profit. 2021 is a crucial year for climate action, and we want to take this opportunity to advocate for behavioural change as individuals, communities and within wider civil society. We aim to live more simply, more sustainably, and in solidarity with those disadvantaged and most impacted by climate change in the UK and the Global South.

As the Centre for Applied Buddhism we pledge to

  • Promote responsibility for the environment within our organisations
  • reduce the carbon footprint of our centres 
  • conserve energy and use renewable energy
  • minimize waste by reduction, re-use and recycling
  • provide education, training and advice, and a encouragement for our staff and communities to develop new ideas and initiatives
  • plant trees, re-wild and reforest land
  • not use pesticides, which are harmful to wildlife
  • promote and encourage involvement in local environmental initiatives
  • divest from fossil fuels and invest in green and nature-based solutions

We also advocate personal life-style changes by looking at our consumption and behaviours

  • reuse, recycle, compost and cut down on single-use plastic
  • shop local, sustainable and vintage
  • eat less meat, poultry and fish
  • bike, walk, take public transport and reduce air travel
  • consume less energy and use renewable energy wherever possible
  • save water 
  • reconnect with life and the earth – re-wild, plant, conserve
  • divest and change bank accounts