Applying Buddhism

We are at a turning point. Buddhist philosophy and practice applied to the large and small-scale interconnected problems facing humanity at the moment can help us to find new ways forward and to co-create new futures. Buddhism helps us understand life as interconnected and interdependent, which strengthens our awareness that everything is relational and that we live as part of an intricate and complex web of dynamic interaction. Recognising that much of the crisis we are facing is due to human behaviors, Buddhism views conflict and problems as an inevitable part of our lives which when approached with compassion, courage, wisdom and creativity, can not only be resolved but also transformed, creating better relationships and improved realities in the process.

The Centre for Applied Buddhism is a hub for research, dialogue, activism, and scholarly study based in Taplow, Buckinghamshire at the national centre of SGI-UK.  It is also host to one of the largest libraries in the UK on Buddhism. Through conferences, symposia, workshops and training workshops CfAB continues to explore the components for lasting and creative peace and sustainable living, with an emphasis on the tools of dialogue and inner peace – the dynamic process of self-transformation – as well as engaged social action.

At present CfAB’s focus is on applying Buddhist ideas and concepts to the  six overlapping and interconnected areas you see in the sidebar:

Though an ancient teaching, what does Buddhism offer to the world that is fresh and enables a deeper and more fulfilling understanding of life?