Creativity and the dynamic creative renewal of our lives, both individually and collectively, is a potential in every human being and not just the privilege of those with an artistic temperament.  The appreciation, understanding and exploration of this vital quality inherent in all humans is ever more vital in these crucial times when we are called upon to find new ways of life and solutions to the social and environmental problems of our age. The Centre for Applied Buddhism continues to develop a deeper understanding of and expand awareness and practice of creativity through ongoing research and projects. 

Previously, we ran a series of workshops and seminars called ‘Buddha Mind – Creative Mind’ in which we explored the potential of creativity, the links and relationships between the creative life, artistic expression and Buddhist thought and practice with speakers from different disciplines.

CfAB is committed to the continued investigation into the power of creativity as expressed in the arts, and in ways that Buddhist practice opens the creative mind thus affecting people’s attitude to life that is accessible to all. 

‘Buddhism explains the “dependent origination” of all phenomena through the concept of ku … describ(ing) a reality that changes from one moment to the next, the flowing movement of life itself ….  I am tempted to call this dynamism, this vital energy contained in the state of ku as defined by Northern Buddhism, “creative life”.

A creative life devotes itself entirely to going beyond the individual self by continually transcending the limits of space and time in pursuit of a universal self. In other words, this creative life develops in leaps and achieves renewal each day, in keeping with the original rhythm of the universe.’   …

‘This union of one’s life with all phenomena and the condensation of time are what constitute the dynamism of the creative life, free from all hindrances. In our daily life drawing on the energy of this creative life enables us to take action endlessly and to progress along our own path of accomplishment.’

(Daisaku Ikeda, Harvard lecture 1989, ‘Art and Spirituality in the East and West’)

‘The struggle to create new life from within is a truly wonderful thing. There is found the brilliant wisdom that guides and directs the workings of reason; the light of insight that penetrates the farthest reaches of the universe; the undaunted will to see justice done that meets and challenges all the assaults of evil; the spirit of unbounded care that embraces all who suffer. When these are fused with that energy of compassion that pours forth from the deepest sources of cosmic life, an ecstatic rhythm arises to color the lives of all people.’

(Daisaku Ikeda, 1974, The Flowering of Creative Life Force)