What Happened at COP26?

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27 January 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
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As the world watched what was happening at COP26, Centre for Applied Buddhism, in partnership with SGI-UK, were contributing in a number of ways, whether in the negotiations in the Blue Zone as well as supporting the launch of the 'Seeds of Hope and Action' exhibition (SOHA), and panel events in Websters Theatre, and also in inter-faith and civil society activities. While the outcomes of COP26 left a lot to be desired, the increased solidarity of faith groups and civil society organisations as a result of events in Glasgow has never been stronger. In this webinar, representatives of Centre for Applied Buddhism and SGI-UK look at what was achieved at COP26, as well as what is on the horizon for COP27.

The webinar was chaired by Harley Loudon and speakers included Joan Anderson from SGI HQ Japan, Alex Goossens-Ishii from the Soka Gakkai Office for UN Affairs, Chiara De Pauli from SGI Italy, Jamie Cresswell and Olivia Fuchs from the Centre for Applied Buddhism, Robert Harrap and Lucy Plummer from SGI-UK and Ana Romero from the COP26 Mexico Delegation.

Watch the webinar recording here - https://sgi-uk.org/Climate-Change/Bodhisattvas-for-the-Earth/Webinars/January-2022